Manufacture of molds and plastic injection in Tunisia


With more than 25 years of experience, EPI the company of industrial progress is still the leader in Tunisia to have kept the triple competence par excellence, namely the design, the manufacture of molds and the plastic injection..

Many can inject, but few are good injectors and fewer are good mold makers. Choosing EPI means choosing an expert capable of industrializing your most complex parts with high precision and essential manufacturing quality.

Since 2005, EPI has been ISO9001 certified ISO and it pursues its quality approach by obtaining the 2015 version of ISO9001 certification.
EPI has earned a high degree of trust from its customers who are leaders in their market and continues to certainly satisfy their demands.

EPI A Story of Passion, Will and Success !


In 1992, Monsieur Mohamed HAMMAMI and Madame Safia HAMZA, two graduates from the national school of engineers of Sfax and passionate about mechanical engineering decided to create the company of industrial progress EPI: a Tunisian company of design and manufacture of high precision mechanical pieces capable of competing with other powerful global operators.

The challenge is big but their passion, their will and their expertise quickly gained followers.

In 2000, Epi continued to expand, began injecting plastic parts and primarily focused on the OEM automotive parts manufacturing markets.

The activities are subsequently diversified (food, electricity, energy, various industries, etc.) so that, EPI quickly becomes the benchmark for finding an expert and a trusted partner.
EPI gains in expertise and credibility and has become the original supplier to leading multinationals.

EPI continues to constantly face new challenges and it invested in 2011 in the manufacture and injection of medical parts and in 2017 in pharmaceutical parts in cleanroom.

We share a sense of humble pride in having done our best to meet the expectations of our customers and the resulting satisfaction overloads our efforts.






Made in Tunisia


iso 9001

ISO 9001

Version 2015

Totally Internal Control for Totally Integrated Know-How !


EPI has an internal study office, a machine shop and a plastic injection workshop..

atelier de conception mecanique tunisie


Complete design
of your tools
in our design office.

atelier d'usinage numerique Tunisie


EPI has a high-performance digital machining workshop with 5 digital machining centers

atelier d'injection plastique Tunisie - EPI


Our machine park is made up of 16 presses with capacities ranging from 50 Tons to 630 Tons

montage piece plastique - EPI


Entrust our team with the assembly and assembly of your plastic parts.

conception mecanique Tunisie


Our study and design office is made up of highly qualified and experienced project managers who will accompany our customers in the study of their project and they will be able to provide advice and answers even to their specific needs for precision plastic parts.

usinage numerique tunisie


EPI has a high-performance digital machining workshop with 5 digital machining centers, 2 of which are occupied with the 4th axis, 1 with a machine stroke equal to 1650 mm / 850 mm and 1 digital lathe.

Our machine park is also made up of 2 EDM machines, milling machines, grinding machines, conventional lathes ...

We are principally responsible for the manufacture of injection molds. Also, in the manufacture of cutting tools, aluminum foundry molds, high precision technical parts, carbon fiber molds and blow molds.

injection plastique Tunisie


Our machine park is made up of 16 presses with capacities ranging from 50 Tons to 630 Tons. The production tool is suitable for parts ranging from a few grams to 2 kilograms and in a wide range of thermoplastics.

Our production teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week accompanied by our quality control teams who monitor the development and progress of the injection to make sure that the customers requirements and delivery are totally respected.

Also, and in order to best meet the needs of our customers for the delivery of a finished part, EPI can perform overmolding, mounting and assembly.



Eliminate the middleman, save your time and money, simplifyyour manufacturing process and let our team do the assembly and the mounting of your plastic parts.

Project Progress


Conception et étude Pièce Plastique

Notre bureau d’étude et de conception vous accompagne dans la conception de plans de pièces et la finalisation de vos plans pièces, afin d’écarter dès le départ un maximum d’éventuels problèmes d’injection et d’optimiser la réalisation du moule et son entretien.

Notre équipe réalise une analyse complète pièce (plan de joints, analyses des fermetures, marquage pièce, épaisseur, contrôle des dépouilles, position point injection, plan d’injection…).

Notre équipe développe une centaine de projets par an pour des applications très diverses et des recommandations vous seront fournies suite à cette analyse de la pièce plastique finale.


Conception du moule pour injection plastique

Notre bureau d’étude réalise selon votre cahier des charges un plan d’outillage (2D et 3D) de votre moule.

Respect total de la Confidentialité client : Tous vos plans et pièces sont utilisées uniquement en interne.

Fabrication du moule pour injection plastique

Nos équipes suivent quotidiennement le développement et la progression du projet de fabrication de moule pour injection plastique. Notre atelier respecte strictement votre cahier des charges.
Pour chaque étape, nous maîtrisons les achats de matières premières sélectionnées par nos soins, l’usinage en interne et nous contrôlons rigoureusement chaque détail du moule pour injection plastique.

Des essais de validation et de qualifications

Nous choisissons la presse la plus adéquate et nous lançons un essai du moule dans notre atelier d’injection.

Une fiche des paramètres d’essai d’injection, établie par notre équipe process, comprend tous les paramètres relatifs à l’essai (vitesse d’injection, pression d’injection, temps de cycle, vitesse rotation vis,…).

Le chef projet valide les pièces produites et transmets les échantillons initiaux au client pour validation finale.


Une fois les échantillons initiaux sont validés par le client et la commande est lancée, notre équipe production peut ainsi planifier et honorer vos commandes de pièces plastiques de façon réactive et qualitative.

Notre équipe production passe à une production de pièces pré-séries ou de pièces séries et elle maitrise l’injection d’une large gamme de matières plastiques (PP, PA6, PPC, POM, ABS, PPHT20, PPR, PA66, PA6GF, PA66GF, IXEF, ….)

Nous disposons également d’une équipe d’inspecteurs de qualité qualifiés qui veillent sur le contrôle de pièces plastiques afin d’assurer la conformité des pièces et la traçabilité.


Between two production runs, the molds are stored in a specific room of our production site and we ensure regular maintenance for optimum conservation of the molds.

The mold storage room is dedicated solely for this use, so there is no raw material or finished product stored in the storage room to avoid any potential source of contamination. Each tool has a specific numbered and referenced location.



Since 2003, EPI has been committed to a quality approach materialized by the certification of its quality system by the ISO9001 version 2015 standard.

In order to meet the specific needs of all customers and all relevant interested parties, the system quality manager and the product quality manager make sure that our system ensures continuous optimization of the quality and traceability of our products,, from the selection of raw materials passing through the design, machining and injection processes, up to the storage and delivery of the finished product and even after delivery.

In addition, the Quality System manager works closely with the infrastructure management manager and the human resources manager to ensure respect for the health, safety of personnel and the environment.

Our strategy and our clear long-term vision, based on a deep respect for our values, have led us to continuously improve our skills, our methods and our systems.

politique qualité epi

Our accomplishments


The production of our parts for the surgical sector is subject to strict confidentiality rule which prevents us from presenting these parts to you in an open way.

Our References

We are trusted!

Automobile industry

Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Various industries



Human resources


EPI is first and foremost a team of 100 employees, with a management rate of 25%.

Endowed with a culture that rewards performance, EPI makes a pole of attraction to competences and talents thanks to its human resources strategy which offers its managers and employees the opportunity both for competence development and for career evolution.

Aware that the employee is the master of his development plan in all its phases, the human resources department gives him the chance to benefit from adapted development systems which make his career plan a permanent development program.

Exchange and communication allow the company to be more efficient and the customers to be more satisfied. In this regard, the human resources manager ensures to strengthen the professional and constructive behaviorthat prevails within the entire team and to develop the managerial competences of all the executives conformably with the strategic charter of the company.

equipe epi

The human resources department has also invested in a new "happiness at work" approach. Feeling happy, appreciated, treated with fairness and respect are among the main factors that we will continuously develop!



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